For Pizza Republica, creating the right pies is child's play

Danielle Lirette
Pizza margherita at Pizza Republica downtown.
Despite a market that's as saturated as a sponge, restaurateurs are still going into the pizza business -- and entrepreneurs see no end to the opportunities, as last month's revelation that Chipotle Mexican Grill has partnered with the fast-casual Pizzeria Locale can attest. This makes sense: Pizza is as much an American staple as apple pie, and shows no sign of going the way of baked Alaska or chipped beef on toast.

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But pizza's enduring popularity brings its own challenges. "The hard thing in the pizza category is everybody has a benchmark from when they were a kid," notes George Eder, founder of Pizza Republica, whose downtown location I review this week. "If you don't match that, your pizza is not going to satisfy at all."

While Eder's two restaurants specializes in Neapolitan pizza, the Detroit native admits a fondness for many styles -- from square, deep-dish, Detroit-style pizza to New York pie so large and floppy it's best eaten folded in half.

Do you think Eder's right? Is your favorite pizza the kind you grew up with?

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Pizza Republica

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