Reader: When I was growing up, you ate what was served -- or went without

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Lori Midson
For Chef and Tell this week, Lori Midson interviewed Martin Campos, the executive chef of Comida Cantina, the new restaurant at the Source that Gretchen Kurtz reviewed last month. And while she, and many readers, have been praising the food there, one commenter takes issue with Campos's recollection of his early eating habits.
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Says foodcrazy:

"My parents would make dinner all the time, and all I wanted was chicken nuggets with tons of ketchup. I was religious about that."

When I was growing up, you ate what was served on the table or you went without. If you dished out any sass, then some ass beatin' was involved.

This kid had it too easy.

Share any thoughts about Martin Campos's childhood menus -- or your own -- in the comments section below. And watch for the second installment of his Chef and Tell interview later this morning.

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Comida Cantina

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