Are diners in Denver more adventurous than in Boulder?

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Danielle Lirette
Oak-smoked duck breast at Acorn.
Steven Redzikowski, co-owner with Bryan Dayton of Oak at Fourteenth and Acorn, which the partners opened in The Source this summer, knew that Denver and Boulder were far more different than just a thirty-mile separation might suggest. Still, he was taken aback by just how adventurous Denver diners can be.

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"Honestly, in Denver, I am very shocked," says the chef. "Guests, in my opinion, they'll try a lot more different items. If we put foie gras on the menu, we'll sell twelve to fifteen foie in Denver and maybe one or two in Boulder."

Speaking for all of us who reside on this side of U.S. 36, I say: Bring it, baby. We're game.

I didn't catch the foie gras during my review meals at Acorn, but I tried many other delicious dishes. Read my review here.

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Ozzie Perch
Ozzie Perch

'diners' in the question... what the hell is the photo of? it looks like a large bug filet; cicada for dessert? yum

Alison Burton
Alison Burton

What ever happened to "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"? I'm tired of people bitching evertime westword posts something.


Of course they are. Every diner in Boulder has 400 dietary restrictions.

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