The signs are up at Trader Joe's on Colorado Boulevard

For anyone in Denver who loves Trader Joe's -- who has waited anxiously for years for the eclectic supermarket chain to announce a location in Colorado and then waited months longer for construction to wrap up -- stuff just got real.

The iconic signs just went up on the company's location at Eighth Avenue and Colorado Boulevard -- a store that is expected to open on February 14.

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That's the day that two more Trader Joe's stores -- one in Boulder and one in Greenwood Village -- are slated to make their debut.

A fourth store will open later in the year on Seventh Avenue -- technically 611 Logan Street. The building there was leveled, and construction looks ready to begin.

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Trader Joe's

790 Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO

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I do hope they make their scheduled opening date - we're almost out of their peanut butter and we are out of the frosted maple brown sugar shredded wheat :).

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