Reader: Man gets $125 million for his trademark, offers $1,000 for replacement?

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The products keep the Udi's name, but the restaurants need to change.
Udi Bar-on and his family got into the food business with the Sandwich Man, a long-defunct shop that opened in 1994. That was the start of Udi's Foods, which grew so big that the family sold the company for $125 million in 2012. But they kept their group of Udi's restaurants, which just keeps growing. As part of the sale of the food company, though, they'll they'll need to come up with a new name for those spots -- and are asking fans to help come up with a new moniker during a six-month farewell to the Udi's brand.

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Says Doodahman:

Let me get this right. Man gets $125 million for his trademark and offers the public to save him at least $7,000 in ad agency costs, and gives a $1,000 lunch in a sandwich shop/pizzeria as a reward?
Does that $1,000 prize still look good to you? Find out how to enter the contest here.

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My husband and I have both done business with this family and let's just say I'm not the least bit surprised.


Hmm, maybe 0.0008% would be a good new name.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


chintzy cakes

miserly muffins

penurious pastries

skinflint strudel 

tightwad tarts

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