CapRock Farm Bar at the Source will pour its last drink on Friday

Lori Midson
Jack Rabbit Hill and Peak Spirits founder Lance Hanson.

Six months ago, in September, Lance Hanson was mingling with crowds and enjoying a cocktail made with CapRock organic gin -- his gin -- at the Source; it was the first night that CapRock Farm Bar was pouring cocktails, and Hanson, the founder of Peak Spirits, the Hotchkiss-based distillery under which CapRock gin (along with vodka and brandy) is made, was feeling the pulsating energy.

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CapRock, which takes center stage at the Source, making it the focal point for everything that surrounds it, seemed like it would be a huge hit, especially in a city like Denver, where the local spirit culture is huge. And Hanson, who also founded Jack Rabbit Hill Estate Winery, had high hopes that the cocktail bar would soar, in part because of the progressive vision of Kyle Zeppelin, one of the developers of the Source. "This is a guy who doesn't just talk the talk -- he walks the walk, and he's set the bar pretty damn high with his passion and commitment. Kyle is definitely blazing some trails here," said Hanson when I interviewed him last year.

But CapRock's trail ends on Friday, when the cocktail bar will close.

"We have tons of respect for the Source and its success in bringing together some of Colorado's best artisan makers," said Hanson in a release. "But as we ramped up the Farm Bar, both Peak Spirits and the Source management realized that our strategic objectives were on different paths," he added, noting that while the bar may be closing, he's departing with gratitude. "We've made some great friends and partners thanks to the Farm Bar, and we look forward to some exciting projects ahead."

In fact, notes the release, Peak Spirits is working on plans to bring back CapRock Farm Bar "2.0" in the Denver-Boulder area in early 2015.

"We recognize the great spirits that CapRock makes and will continue to support them at the Source in different ways," noted Zeppelin, stressing, too, that "The bar area is a community space that will expand its reach and offerings in the next couple of months."

He reveals, too, that a new lease has been signed for that space. "We have a tenant -- there's no name yet -- and that tenant will have a full bar with beer, wine and cocktails that emphasize mostly Colorado-based distilleries," said Zeppelin. In addition, there will be a "food component, but we're not entirely sure what it's going to be," he noted.

The timeline for the new opening, however, is ninety days out because the tenant has to apply for a new liquor license. In the meantime, the bar and extensive seating area will double as a pop-up space for distillers and brewers to highlight spirits and beers. And, said Zeppelin, mornings will be devoted to a juicing station, which could pop up as early as Saturday morning.

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CapRock Farm Bar

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CapRock makes some quality drinks but it was just a weird location. I hope they are able to re-open in a place a little more fitting of what they are trying to do. 

 Who puts a bar in the middle of a food court? Who is going to be the new operator there and how in the heck are the going to serve food? 

The area around the bar never seemed to be clean either. I don't think they knew who was responsible for cleaning the place, which seems to be a problem for every part of the Source.


The Zeppelins are intelligent, thoughtful, and supportive individuals that surround themselves with like-minded people. This parting of ways is a positive thing for everyone involved, and I feel as though I can safely say both sides are left with tremendous respect for the other.


Either that or the Zeppelin management team are a bunch of micro-managing assholes. Sorry to see Lance go, he's a good guy.


probably wasn't quite pretentious enough for the source


@Philo99  This.

The bartenders at CapRock were really nice and knowledgeable. Hopefully they find another place that's more enjoyable to hang out and drink.

Mantonat topcommenter

@Philo99  I agree about the issues with the space. The lighting was dim and dreary, especially after dark, and the seating area just looked like some kids pulled a few tables together at the junior high cafeteria. I'm a huge fan of the line of eaux de vie from Peak Spirits so it's disappointing that they didn't make it, but I hope they wont give up on the idea of running a bar somewhere else.

Yeah, and a paved parking lot would be a nice touch too.


@whocares I've other people make this claim, but what is pretentious about a dirt parking lot, dirty floors, dirty bathrooms, aluminum siding walls and a taco stand? The Source is the least pretentious place I ever threw down $300 dollars for a meal, and I mean that as an insult. 

Hopefully we will see pretentious when the shops and restaurants open up at Union Station. I expect Union Station to be everything the Source wishes it was.


@Philo99 @whocares the fact you paid $300 for a meal and had to tell everyone says you are pretentious, but Im sure you take that as a compliment

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