Hungry for Denver Restaurant Week? Win a $50 gift certificate

Chef Troy Guard at TAG: She loved the restaurant, hated the date.
Clear your calendar and unbuckle your belt: The tenth annual Denver Restaurant Week is only days away. And unlike past years, when it sprawled well into March, this time DRW is really a week long: From February 22 through February 28. (For the first time this year, there will also be a second round in the summer -- from August 23 through August 29). To whet your appetite for all the good meals ahead, we're giving away $50 gift certificates from some of the 300-plus participating restaurants. We've just awarded the first two, but we have more...

Hungry to win one? Keep reading to find out how.

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To enter the contest, all you have to do is share your favorite Denver Restaurant Week experience in the comments section below. If you already entered the first round, feel free to share that story again below -- we'll pick another winner tomorrow.

Here's our second winner, posted by lmonitz:

My first restaurant week experience was my first week in Denver last year. As part of an 8 hour first date (no exaggeration), this boy took me to TAG for pop rock sushi. Great meal. Terrible company. I was so bored I actually ordered the absinthe fountain to try to make him more interesting. Turns out not even 100 proof alcohol can help some people. I need a restaurant week redo.

The winter/summer split isn't the only change to Denver Restaurant Week this year. After a decade, the price has also gone up from the original $52.80 to $60 for a multi-course dinner for two, or $30 for one (not including tax or gratuity). To see menus from all the restaurants participating in this year's Denver Restaurant Week, go to Visit Denver's Denver Restaurant Week page.

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My husband and I have been going to Restaurant  week for 6 years! It is my favorite, because it always falls on my birthday( February 27th) and as parents of TWO sets of twins we do not get to treat ourselves to a great night of dinning very often! It is so exciting to read through the menus as soon as they come out and then the anticipation of a really great meal! Our very first restaurant week was at Rioja. The atmosphere was wonderful, the food was amazing and the Chef sent out two extra small plates for my Birthday! From the chef to the staff, I was made to feel very special. We have participated in restaurant week ever since!


I have walked past Rodizio who the Hell knows how many times, each time staring longingly inside at the glorious meats, but last restaurant week I finally had the chance to try their all you can eat buffet. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG. OH GOD WHY. I've been to a few Brazilian places in the past, but Rodizio has them all beat on price, friendliness, and overall awesomeness.

We came here on a freezing cold Friday night and the place was packed. Every single one of them was smiling like they had just won the lottery - the meat lottery that is. Seriously, the food is so good that I wanted to explode in both elation and the fact that I ate over two pounds of assorted marinated domesticated beasts. Adding to the experience was the Brazilian equivalent of a telenovela on blast. 

Did I mention that it is my new lifelong goal to lay under the giant rotisserie and bathe in the drippings from the meat? Someone should tell the owners of Rodizio that they may have a huge secondary market for that. I'm also thinking that they could turn the drippings into an exfoliating body wash, or perhaps a mustache wax.


Thanks to last year's Denver Restaurant Week, I was FINALLY able to confirm that all of the critically acclaimed hullabaloo surrounding Root Down was indeed heartily deserved. My flesh-craving companion confessed that his largely animal-free yet nevertheless protein laden three course meal was so artfully arranged, texturally intriguing, and flat-out gorgeous to gaze upon that he felt as though he was indulging in a multi-sensory experience rather than merely just gobbling down sustenance. And it's so, sooooo true. Root Down is deeply invested in high quality, ethically-sourced, and impressively unique ingredients but it takes culinary alchemy to transform those elements into taste bud worthy offerings that seduce all of the senses. Somebody in that kitchen is dabbling in the black arts :)


A few years ago me and the hubby tried Restaurant week for the first time at Cuba Cuba since having our baby. First date night out! Woo hoo! The appetizers were amazing and the mojitos to die for! In the middle of the main course, we had to leave because the babysitter couldn't handle the baby crying. They boxed our food and dessert and we enjoyed the rest at home, cold. Love Cuba Cuba. Son is now 5 and STAYING HOME with family, while we get dressed up, act like adults and do a full course meal and drinks at a great restaurant.


I love Restaurant week for two reasons, first it falls on my birthday each year ( February 27th) and second because as the parents of TWO sets of twins my husband and I do get to enjoy a great dinner out very often! We have been going Restaurant week for 6 years.  We get really excited when the menus are released and have so much fun trying to choose!Our first time was at Rioja. The menu was amazing. The staff made me feel really special and the chef sent out two small plates as a birthday surprise! We have been enjoying great dinning experiences ever since, from Colterra to Vesta Dipping Grill!


Two years ago went to Fogo De Choa and the place was packed and repacked to accommodate everyone. After the meal I ordered herbal mint tea, and after drinking it I noticed the waiter accidentally gave me tea with caffeine resulting in a sleepless night.  When I complained the next day to the Fago corporate office in Dallas, I actually talked to the the owner of the restaurant chain.  He went out of his way to make up for the mistake, talking with the Denver Manager.  Now that's is a great story of Corporate responsibility!!!

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