Reader: There is nothing better in the world than green chile

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The chile war is heating up. First Mayor Michael Hancock promises to send samples of Colorado's green chile to Seattle after the Broncos lose. Then New Mexicans claim that green chile is native to that state -- and to add insult to injury, Hancock has included chile from Little Anita's (above), a New Mexico company, in the mix. Then Texans, because they're Texans, wonder why their chili is being ignored.

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Colorado green chile versus Texas chili. Who wins?

But there's no contest, says Heaven:

Green chile -- there is nothing in the world better than green chile! Well, maybe chocolate -- but as far as spicy goes, green chile always wins!! Yummy!
So Colorado's green chile wins out over Texas's chili -- but will it beat back New Mexico green chile? That battle is heating up, and Albuquerque's mayor has issued a chile challenge to Mayor Michael Hancock.

Who do you think will win?

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Hatch Chile only has a sweet taste if you're eating mild! Order some hot from our farm and I bet you won't be going for the chile grown in Pueblo (by the way, most farms up there order seed from us folks down in Southern NM). Check us out at


Ha, "So Colorado's green chile wins out over Texas's chili"???  Green chili is what I shit out after I digest some actual chili.  You know the kind with an assortment of dried peppers lovingly toasted, soaked and then pureed, the mountains of chuck roast, the bacon, the coffee, the chocolate, the beer, the dried spices all working in harmony to create what I assume to be manna.  I mean green chili is a nice regional specialty, but it is not by any means the best. 

ryan.cordova topcommenter

Hatch chile has an awful sweet taste that I can't get out of my mouth even now just thinking about it. Give me some hearty Pueblo mirasol chile any day of the week.

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