Guess where I'm eating lamb tibs with awaze?

Lori Midson

Walk inside this Ethiopian restaurant, and you'll encounter a sparse dining room that has all the allure of breaking the law (and getting busted), but if you can ignore the bare bones setting to concentrate solely on the food -- a huge departure from the sea of sameness that you see in most Ethiopian restaurants -- then you'll be rewarded with the virtues of real Ethiopian home cooking.

Can you guess where I'm eating?

Special bonus: Anyone who gives the first correct answer to a Guess Where post is entered into a pool -- and every Monday, we select one lucky winner who'll receive an EatDenver dining deck, worth up to $520 in discounts at independent restaurants. Read all about EatDenver dining decks here.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

The Ethiopian Restaurant

Sean Milano
Sean Milano

I wish you'd make it easier to find the answer. I can never find the answer. I'd like to go eat there.

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

Hi there,

Usually the answers appear on the page a few days after the article is posted - once folks have had enough time to guess.

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