Reader: Let's hope Krewe serves for-real BBQ!

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Danielle Lirette
Krewe Crescent City BBQ started pouring on Super Bowl Sunday.
Think Denver is hungry for more barbecue joints? Krewe Crescent City BBQ opened on Sunday in the former home of Cantina (and many other restaurants before that), right on the corner of 11th and Lincoln. The owners of Stoney's, which is right next door, are the crew behind Krewe, and they certainly know how to run successful bars. But do they know their 'cue?

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Says Keeva:

Let's just hope it's for-real BBQ! Please give me a taste of home (Tennessee). In the fierce competition of BBQ, I never even knew that New Orleans was in the ring --but c'mon and do right by this Southern girl, y'all! I MISS PULLED PORK, PEOPLE! !

Get it right, and I'll be a regular for years!

What's your favorite kind of barbecue -- and can you find it in Denver? Which joints do you recommend in this barbecue-hungry town?

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Krewe Crescent City BBQ

1109 Lincoln Street, Denver, CO

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Angela Schmidt Haley
Angela Schmidt Haley

BBQ is as varied a cuisine as it comes. Nearly every culture has their spin. I love eating at Tin Star Smokehouse in Golden, when I am hungry for Texas style eats.

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