Reader: Why didn't Natural Grocers open sooner in Capitol Hill?

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Vitamin Cottage opened its first store fifty years ago in Lakewood. Today the natural-foods enterprise has morphed into Natural Grocers, with locations in a dozen states -- including a brand-new store that opened this week in Capitol Hill, at 1433 Washington Street. But while the store was definitely welcomed by a neighborhood lacking in grocery options, its debut was overshadowed by a trio of Trader Joe's outposts opening on February 14, the day before the soft opening of this Natural Grocers spot.

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Says B-Rad:

Sucks to be the ugly kid at the prom, wishing someone would ask you to dance. Definitely the worst selected opening date in a PR kinda way.

But Jonathan is just glad to see the store there:

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage whoop whoop! Great to finally have this in Capitol Hill. My biggest complaint, though, is, why the heck didn't you all open up sooner in Capitol Hill? Needless to say, I'll still do a lot of buying there.
Have you been to a Natural Grocers store? Trader Joe's? How do you think the two compare? If you live in Capitol Hill, where do you shop?

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I still don't understand why grocery stores are that big of a deal. People go to the ones closest to them or the ones that have what they like. Stop trying to make GROCERY STORES a competition of who's the best.


Trader Joe's : "Eat, drink and be merry". Fun food and drink at reasonable prices.

Natural Grocers: "All existence is suffering." Fanatical devotion to nutritional dogma.

Tiffany Donahue
Tiffany Donahue

I have never gone in to the one near me because their commercials are so bad.

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