Newly opened Former Future Brewing runs out of beer; will reopen March 7

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Danielle Lirette
James Howat of Former Future.
Former Future Brewing, which just opened on February 1, has run out of beer. Yep. The brewery, which has a four-barrel system, simply hasn't been able to keep up with the demand for its suds -- a testament, perhaps, to Denver's love of craft brews.

"Well, we thought this might happen...due to your unquenchable thirst for beer, we are having to close our doors for this weekend. We'll be back next weekend, however, so we hope to see you then," the brewery wrote in a Facebook post today.

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The situation doesn't make co-owner James Howat too happy. "It sucks," he tells Westword. "People tell us that it's a good problem to have. But it's not. It really sucks."

Although Former Future has been open for a month, it has only been operating on Fridays and Saturdays, which means it sold out after just eight days. "We really, really got hammered the first few weekends. That put us behind the curve," Howat says.

Former Future isn't the first small Denver craft brewery that had to limit its hours in the beginning because of a beer shortage. TRVE Brewing, Black Shirt and Our Mutual Friend all suffered hiccups in the early stages.

"In the planning phase, there is a balance between what you can sell and what you can afford to buy," Howat explains.

He'll use the next ten days to streamline his four-barrel system and his tanks so that they are never empty. When he reopens, hopefully on March 7, he'll have a couple of new beers on tap -- a citrus sour and a session black IPA -- along with some older ones. The weekend after that, he should be back up to speed with at least six beers on tap.

Howat and his wife, Sarah, will also use the downtime to refinish the floors and install a silent-movie screen that goes with the brewery's theme of mixing the past and the present.

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I am not surprised Former Future ran out of beer.  I was there last weekend to find they had tables to sit at, but not enough chairs to sit in; a bartender refusing to make eye contact with customers waiting to order; and, worst of all, that my very nice $5 ESB was nowhere near a pint (12 ounces?).  Perhaps luckily, my husband's not-so-nice saison, which cost $6, was also shy of a pint. 

My impression of this place is that they are more concerned with the aesthetic and theme, with little regard for (or knowledge of) how to run a business.  Hopefully they can use some of their self-inflicted time off to learn some business basics, beginning with customer service, value, inventory control, and chair-purchasing.

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