Photos: Sushi Harbor gets in the swim

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Sushi Harbor, on East Eighth Avenue just past Colorado Boulevard -- right by one of the Trader Joe's locations set to open on February 14 -- is the latest Japanese restaurant to join the Denver dining scene. After taking a look when construction started last fall, Westword photographer Marissa Shevins recently returned to offer this look at the newly opened restaurant.

Keep reading to see the new Sushi Harbor.

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Keep reading for more photos of Sushi Harbor as it looked last fall.

Location Info

Sushi Harbor

4136 East 8th Avenue, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Jeremy Bronson
Jeremy Bronson

Fish was excellent, and I loved that all the garnish was fresh and real (no plastic shiso leaf). Menu not too interesting, and it's expensive. And the decor is very 80s disco. We will definitely be back, though.

Mike Wellz
Mike Wellz

where was my invite Shannon Rizza!?haha

Shannon Rizza
Shannon Rizza

Ummm it's already open...went there last weekend. It was delicious :)

Mike Wellz
Mike Wellz

Now all i have to do is find a valentines day date for the opening day. That place looks yummy!

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