Photos: Thai Pot gets new digs on Colorado Boulevard

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All photos by Ursula Romaine

Thai Pot Cafe, one of Westword's Twelve Best Thai Places in Denver, moved a couple of blocks from its old home at 1550 South Colorado Boulevard to 1350 South Colorado Boulevard at the beginning of this year. We sent photographer Ursala Romaine to check out the fancier and much spacier digs of this homey Thai restaurant. Keep reading for a taste of the new Thai Pot.

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Location Info

Thai Pot Cafe

1350 S. Colorado Blvd. #900, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Jeremy Gardner
Jeremy Gardner

The article has the address slightly wrong, it should be on S. Colorado Blvd, not (N) Colorado Blvd.


I love this place but you guys need a new photographer.


I just hope they get enough business now - they're in the far back corner of that new complex, furthest away from Colorado Boulevard, so people might not be able to see them if they don't see the street sign.  Not a great spot, I'm afraid, though I'm very glad they have a bigger capacity now.

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