Reader: Where's the (grass-fed) beef?

Denver got two new burger joints last week, both the first forays into the market by regional chains. Bad Daddy's Burgers, a joint effort by the North Carolina-based Big Daddy's and Good Times, got cooking in Cherry Creek, and 5280 Burger Bar & Creamery, a renamed concept from a Texas-based outfit, opened in the Denver Pavilions.

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And neither are serving the kind of beef one reader would like to see. Says Rebeldor:

Can we PLEASE get a burger place that serves grass-fed beef instead of the virtually meaningless "natural" and "antibiotic-free," which is basically just industrial feedlot beef? In the ATL, where I'm from, there are 3 mini-chains that serve grass-fed burgers: Yeah! Burger, Farm Burger, and Flip Burger.

Surely Denver, surrounded by cattle ranches, can support at least ONE burger bar that serves decent beef...

Do you crave a burger made from grass-fed beef? Where can you find one in metro Denver?

Location Info

5280 Burger Bar - CLOSED

16th street and Glenarm, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar

240 Milwaukee St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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'Vegetarian' fed beef is NOT grass fed beef.

Good for them for not feeding beef parts of cows that are slaughtered that would possibly give them mad cow disease, but feeding them corn is the same as what is done on those industrial feedlots.


There was one in Cherry Creek that for whatever reason, did not make it. 

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