Reader: Anything related to molecular-gastronomy gets the mental heave-ho

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Danielle Lirette
"Start sessioning!" That was the cry when Session Kitchen opened last fall, and although the menu -- and the portion control based on "sessions" -- has been tweaked, in her recent review of Session Kitchen Gretchen Kurtz says she could still do without having to even mention "sessioning" to her server. And that's not the only food term she'd like to see thrown in the trash.

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Says TheFabulousMarkT

Anything related to molecular-gastronomy is going to get the mental heave-ho from me, I'm afraid.

Froth, foam, soil... sounds like we're throwing out spoiled items rather than eating fresh ones.

What current culinary term would you like to see banned? "Mixologist" might be leading the pack, but don't miss the exchange here over the use of "foodie."

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