Teriyaki Madness opening in March in the University Hills Shopping Center

Lori Midson

"Our food is addictive, and our concept is fresh!" exclaims the website of Teriyaki Madness, a Las Vegas-based, fast-casual chain that focuses on scratch-made teriyaki sauces lobbed on proteins like chicken, pork, beef and tofu. "Teriyaki Madness is the frenzy experienced by our raving fans who desire to have our dishes daily. Some even dine at our restaurants two to three times a day. Now that's madness and we love it!" the website continues. And now that the chain, which was started by Seattle native and president Rod Arreola, along with his brother Alan and their Eric Garma, is coming to Denver, you, too, have the opportunity to become a "raving fan!"

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The Denver space -- a franchise -- will open in mid-March at 2720 South Colorado Boulevard, just behind Larkburger, in the University Hills Shopping Center. And if you're searching for a job, Teriyaki Madness is hiring for all positions, including cashiers, prep cooks and grill cooks. If you're interested in applying, stop by the store between now and Wednesday, February 19 to fill out a job application. Interviews will be conducted the week of February 24, and provided that construction is completed, staff training will begin the week of March 10.

And just how do you get hired? "We're looking for Madness team members that have an outstanding customer-service orientation, take pride in themselves and their work product, have a teamwork focus and would love being a part of a team that works in a fun, upbeat atmosphere," notes the advert.

In addition, you can visit www.teriyakimadness.com and click on "careers" at the bottom of the page for a printable application, which may be scanned and emailed to: Tmad5280Apply@gmail.com.

Sadly, there's nothing on the application promising that what happens in Denver, stays in Denver, but you do have to consent to providing a pee sample. Oh, the madness!

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Teriyaki Madness

2720 South Colorado Boulevard, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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ScubaSteve topcommenter

Further clarification!  The GameStop space is vacant now.  Schlotzsky's and Cinnabon on the other side of Papa Murphy's are also gone.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

Clarification:  Teriyaki Madness is opening in the building just west of the building LarkBurger is in.  It's behind GameStop, in the space where Pearle Vision was (next to Papa Murphy's).  The only thing behind LarkBurger is Yale Avenue.


The Bi Polar Bowls are great but I'm obsessive/compulsive about their Teriyaki Asburgers.

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