Reader: Nobody cares about chili that can be found in a can in a supermarket

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Jamiepatra/Houston Press
A winning bowl of Texas chili.
As Colorado and New Mexico diners debate the benefits of their state's particular version of green chile, the fight heats up on another front: Texas. But does Texas chili have anything in common with green chile -- no matter what state is stirring that pot?

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Says John Paul:

They both suck. Texas Red Chili is the only chili. Sorry. Too many people here brag how GOOD their "green chili " is. That's like saying you make the best spaghetti. It's BS.

Responds patronusa:

Whatever, dude. That's a different take on "chili" altogether. Take your sorry ass back to Texas along with your chili con carne, because nobody gives a rat's ass about a dish that can be found in any can at the supermarket.
We're guessing that Cincinnati, with its claim to chili (which it eats topping spaghetti), may have some issues with John Paul's take on Texas.

Green chile in Colorado and New Mexico at least have some common ingredients -- green chiles chief among them. What do you think of Texas red/chili con carne? Red chili without carne? Where can you get a good bowl of it in Denver?

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I just find it humorous that Coloradans think Texans are "dumb" yet they don't know the difference between chili and chile *face palms*

Tip: Chile is spanish word and is jalepenos ground up like a salsa to top on a meal.

Chili is a stew like meal that you can use chile to garnish as topping.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

I'm not from Ohio, but Cincinnati chili is the best.

davebarnes topcommenter

I presume that you meant this god: Alakshmi.

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