Reader: Camp out for Trader Joe's? I'm still in line at Voodoo Doughnut

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What's in store for Denver Friday?
Julie Geller loves Trader Joe's. She loves the grocery chain so much that she wrote a song to the store, and plans to camp out tomorrow night by the location at 790 Colorado Boulevard that's opening Friday morning. And Geller's not the only fan of Trader Joe's; people across metro Denver are making their shopping lists for two more stores that will open their doors on February 14.

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Says Derek:

I honestly don't see the attraction. I'm sure I'll pop in one of these days once there's several in town and the novelty has worn off a bit.

Here's how Robert describes the attraction:
One of the best "grocery" stores I've ever shopped in, anywhere. (And I've lived-in/shopped-in a lot of places). Fantastic assortment of edible things, at a reasonable price. Friendly, helpful staff. Our store here in Santa Fe (NM) is just overwhelmed with business (only one in town). Word has it that it is anywhere from the 3d to the 12th busiest Joe's in the nation. Not bad for a little burg like ours with only 70,000 people (city), 145,000 (county). I've run into people from CO in our store, at the check-out counters, that say they come down to our town, partially to shop at Joe's. Believable. [Full disclosure -- I have NO affiliation with Trader Joe's, in any capacity at all, except as a long-time customer.]

And finally, Bret weighs in with this:

I'm still waiting in line at VooDoo Donut.
Will you hit one of the three Trader Joe's opening in the metro area on Friday? Or are you still in line at Voodoo Doughnut?

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ScubaSteve topcommenter

Since I've been to Trader Joe's many times in San Diego, I'll wait until the novelty has worn off here in Denver, then go since I live close to it anyway.


*sigh* Yeah. I'm not looking forward to the endless wait just to get in to the parking lot, let alone trying to find an actual legal space, but considering I just finished off the last of my mini chocolate biscotti today, I need to go restock. And hey, I might run in to some of the people I see posting here :).

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