Reader: I'm in no rush to go back to Native Foods

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Diners don't waffle about their feelings regarding City, O' City.

Yesterday we posted Veggie Girl Amber Taufen's list of the Five Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Denver, and the result has been a red-blooded, very meaty food fight over the benefits/drawbacks of several restaurants on the list -- particularly City, O' City and Native Foods.

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Says sporobolus:

Native Foods? Yeegads! i have been three times (I had some coupons) and i am in no rush to go back; some of the food is reasonably good, but there's almost no creativity and the atmosphere is plasticky chain-store; I especially did not like the overly-enthusiastic, kindergarten level explanations presented without any sense of whether the customer needs the info.

In contrast, City, O' City never fails to keep my interest, whether for breakfast or late-night.

Food fight! How do you feel about Native Foods? City, O' City? Post your thoughts below, or joint the conversation already under way here.

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City, O' City

206 E. 13th Ave., Denver, CO

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I stand by my comments about City'o'City.  If you aren't a hipster like the reader above, prepare for lackluster service and less than stellar food. 


I've only eaten at the one in Boulder, but with the exception of the drinks it was one of the worst meals I've ever had. The fake chicken was completely disgusting and there was way too much of it in relation to the other ingredients. The "chicken wings' were a joke; gigantic sausage-shaped logs of dry fake chicken with the worst buffalo sauce ever that only came on the side to dip them in. My thought about the experience was "this would be really cutting edge if it were still 1985". Like the reader above, I'd take City O' City any day. 

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