Reader: Voodoo Doughnut line a herd of pathetic hipsters

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Kyle Hunninghake
Bet Mayor Michael Hancock didn't have to wait for his doughnut!
It's cold out there -- which means that maybe, just maybe, there won't be an hour-long line outside of Voodoo Doughnut, as there has been so any mornings since the Oregon-based outfit opened its first store outside that state on East Colfax Avenue in December. And the crowds have inspired almost as much discussion as the doughnuts themselves.

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Says cardboardcowboy:

It's pretty funny to drive down Colfax on a weekend morning and see herds of hipster dipshits lined up and waiting for hours for a box of donuts. The idiots waiting in line actually think of themselves as "cultural creatives" but they are just as herd-like as any other sociological in-group.

Keep telling yourselves that your beards and styles of jeans are avant garde and non-conformist while smoking cigarettes and waiting hours in line for trendy, over-hyped breakfast pastries, by all means. In ten years you will cringe with embarrassment when forced to look at your old "selfies."The hipster lifestyle will be seen as just as idiotic and pathetic as '80s hair metal or Goth is today.

Wow, that's a lot to get out of a wait for a doughnut. What do you think of the Voodoo Doughnut phenomenon?

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Voodoo Doughnut

1520 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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I visited Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland and had a great time. The wait wasn't anywhere near an hour. The line moves really quick because doughnuts is all that is served. By the time someone gets to the front of the line their order is pretty much already known.

The doughnuts are hot, fresh, and now!

Even if the wait was what? What do you have better to do? Sit in your car? Sit on the couch? Might as well be talking to friends or family in-line. There's even a little coffee stand across the alley, so you can have a cup while you wait.

The shop is decorated really nice. Check out my slide-show here ->


They make a pretty good doughnut actually, and the designs and flavorings are really creative.  Is it a fun and special treat to take my daughter there? You bet.  Did waiting in line for 20 minutes build the excitement and make it a memorable experience?  You bet.  

The best part?  Buying a couple extra and giving them to the staff at the Denver Bicycle Cafe.  Ironic hipsters and and smug commentators alike all looked on in jealousy.  But my daughter and I had a great time.


Perceived exclusion, insecurity, projection - what other personality disorders and signs of mental illness  can we identify in this rant? I wish my life was idle enough to care who bought donuts where.

Josh Barrack
Josh Barrack

Funny. My Yelp review pretty much said this weeks ago, "I guess I'm not a donut guy, but waiting nearly an hour in the freezing cold in a disgusting neighborhood with drug addicts, hipsters, and skateboard punks isn't my idea of fun."


Turns out life is exactly like high school. Hm.

Stephanie Fast
Stephanie Fast

So, let me get this straight, people, some of which have beards, want to freeze outside waiting in line to buy a few doughnuts? Jeez, what a bunch of dicks! Freezing their asses off while supporting a now local business? Assholes! Who do they think they are?!


I find it difficult to distinguish one freshly deep-fried doughball from another freshly deep-fried doughball.  Am I missing the tongue papillae that distinguishes, absorbs or transmits the flavor of fried doughball?  I guess I'm not as physically advanced as these Voodoo Doughnut patrons.  If I was, I guess I could see waiting in line for fried doughballs, because they must be extraordinary fried doughballs.

Now potato chips, that's another story.  Wise Ridgies are nothing like Ruffles.  I'd wait in line for 2 hours for a bag of Ridgies.

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

Hmph! Sounds to me like someone doesn't enjoy a little Tang with his donuts.


In Portland, Voodoo Donut is merely a tourist trap popularized by Anthony Bourdain and other tv personalities.  Locals wouldn't rate it within the top 5 donuts in PDX.  

WillieStortz topcommenter

Stand in line for an hour to buy fried sugar, with 50 dolts dressed just like you, in order to prove how unique you are. 

I think the poster pretty much nailed it.



Sit at a computer and make snide remarks about people and places, with 50 dolts who share your sneering disdain for...what exactly?  Other people enjoying things you don't like?  In order to prove how 'above it all' you are.

In think my inferences pretty much nailed it.

Waaaait a minute.  I get it.  You're being...ironic...and meta.  You hipster, you.

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