Readers: Put Velveeta on a Townhouse cracker, and you have St. Louis-style pizza

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Arch Pizza Co. just opened its third St. Louis-style pizza restaurant in five months -- and the latest incarnation, at 10101 East Hampden Avenue, is the largest store yet. "The community support and feedback has been extremely valuable, and we're excited to bring a different take on pizza to Colorado," says owner Marc Dak. "We hope that people from St. Louis feel like they've gone home when they taste Arch Pizza, but we also hope that people who have never tried St. Louis-style pizza feel they've discovered a wonderful alternative to the pizza they know. We're different. We know it. And we couldn't be more thankful to our fellow Coloradans for trying us out!"

Even if they don't have much nice to say after they do....

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For example, here's the response from Denise:

Whoa. St Louis style pie? The pizza made of a large cracker crust topped with a processed provolone that sticks to your teeth? I can't imagine that would catch on outside of St Louis, and possibly east Illinois.

And Tonya:
Being a MO native, this is sad representation of the original St. Louis style pizza. Provel is a processed combination of Swiss and Provolone cheeses. It is a yeast free crust which is why it's cracker thin. Other than sharing those common characteristics, Arch Pizza's preparation isn't even close...and it's definitely more expensive in Denver. Surely it can't be that expensive to import cheese from St. Louis!! Very disappointed!!

And Matthew
Not good pizza, thin like a cracker and the cheese tastes like plastic. Put Velveeta on a Townhouse cracker and you get the same thing.
Have you tried St. Louis-style pizza since Arch Pizza opened in Denver? What did you think?

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Arch Pizza - CLOSED

10101 East Hampden Avenue, Denver, CO

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As a Saint Louisan, St. Louis style pizza is a foul crime against humanity and decent taste.  All I would say is that "Velveeta" is being too generous.  The cheese is the consistency of melted and re solidified plastic, there's never enough sauce, and the crust is barely adequate to support its own structure without taking toppings into account.  In summation: St. Louis style pizza is terrible.


I don't subscribe to any "X is the only type of pizza!" attitude. I love pizza and if it tastes good and is made with good ingredients, it's excellent pizza to me. Napoletana, NY, deep dish, St. Louis, whatever. Life's too short.

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

@bondadprevalece Except Colorado-style, 'cos that $%^!'s just nasty. :D

No, seriously, I agree. Even if one style isn't to someone's liking, there are at least two or three others that are bound to be a better fit.

And it's just pizza, after all.

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