Reader: My favorite brunch is one where I don't see hipster douchebags

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Lori Midson
Foodupcopia, our Best Brunch for 2014.
While eating our way around town over the past few months to find the Best Brunch -- an award that ultimately went to Fooducopia -- we found many other brunches worthy of note, and served up a dozen in our list of the twelve best brunch spots in Denver. We focused on the food, but some readers had different definitions of what makes a great brunch....

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Says Aaron:

My least favorite is the one where I have to camp out on the sidewalk for an hour before I go inside to pay $20 for eggs.

Says Renee:

My most favorite is the one where I don't have to see hipster that would be none.

Says Charlie:

Brunch is way more a yuppie thing than hipsters.
Where do you go for brunch if you're a yuppie? If you're a hipster? And where do you go if you just want to eat? Read more comments -- and suggestions -- here.

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My favorite place for brunch is nowhere, cause I hate the idea of "brunch" - hanging out for 4 hours, drinking 9 dollar mimosas and getting nothing done. Weekends are too short to sit at a table for some eggs benedict - get there early and get on with your day!


The old "I hate hipsters!  I hate restaurants that serve hipsters!"  is getting old- it is an exhausting go-to saw on Yelp and other review sites.  "Argh, there are people here wearing fashions I don't wear!  And listening to bands I don't listen to!"  seems to be the general tone of these posts.   When I see that, I wonder why the poster hates so-called "hipsters" so much... Are they getting drunk and rowdy?  Are their children screaming?  Who exactly are these hipster-hating posteres defining as a "hipster" (let's note no one seems to have a solid definition) Those posts feel so knee jerk and smug.  Are these posters secretly pining for a place they can wear Crocs and an old teambuilding t-shirt from 1989 with holes in it for brunch and not feel under dressed?  Stick to McDonald's drive through and no "hipsters" will bother you by eating eggs in your presence, I promise, "hipster"-hating posters. 


Why is brunch for "hipsters" or "yuppies"? 

It's called food, and humans eat it, often at a later time on the weekend because they don't have to get up early and go to work.I am neither a hipster or yuppie and I love brunch. I see hipsters, yuppies, families, hungover people, all kinds of folks at brunch. 

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

I dunno. I can see where people are coming from regarding hipsters/chads/dB's/whatever you want to call them, but is this really the most important thing folks have in their lives to worry about?

I mean, some of the posts are pretty vitriolic. Why make yourselves more and more angry over something you know perfectly well isn't ever going to change? I just don't get it.

These people you're griping about didn't offend you at all - rather, you *chose* to be offended. But hey, if you really want to spend that much time dwelling on it, knock yourselves out I guess! :D


Beatrice & Woodsley, Paxia (officially lunch, but delicious and NOT crowded), Santiago's on Federal -- it's crowded as hell, but at least the food is amazing and bargain priced (get it to go and find somewhere quiet to eat).

As for the rest of the places, the best brunch is after the rush: 2pm. No meal should be punishing, slung at you while your chair is repeatedly bumped.

Jonny G
Jonny G

The best brunches in Denver in no particular order include: Fuel, Duo, Beast + Bottle, Table 6 (prob # 1), Squeaky Bean, Beatrice & Woodsley, Comida, Acorn, and Solera.  All have good wine, not a ton o' little childrens, and good to great service.


Being a hipster is a catch-22 (the original hipster?), as "hip" inevitably leads to popular culture. When every mainstream store carries the same garb, and every bartender dresses the roll of a definition some thing and some one else are hip. As for brunch, Table 6 is still tops for this very un-hip cat.

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