Closed Burger King to be replaced by First Bank

As we recently reported, the Burger King outpost that reigned over the intersection at Sixth and Broadway for over 27 years suddenly closed a few weeks ago, with no notice of what would replace it. Yesterday, the Denver Business Journal reported that construction will break ground this week for the future tenant, First Bank.

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According to the Business Journal's report, First Bank is planning a 5,500 square-foot branch at the prime site, which it hopes to open by September 1.

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TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

Darn. It could have been our very first In-N-Out. :(


What exactly is going on with Burger King in Colorado? This is the third location that has closed recently in my limited area of travel, the others being located in Evergreen near Walmart and Downieville. Coincidence? 


it's hard to imagine a bank branch as the highest and best use for this property, which is zoned for up to 8 stories and which abuts an underutilized public space, but at least the updated zoning has led to a design that should relate better to the sidewalk and improve the streetscape

davebarnes topcommenter

Just we need.

Another bank building.

No food, no booze. What is the point?

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