Reader: Happy birthday, Casa Bonita! I'm still digesting my last meal

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Kate Levy
Happy birthday, Casa Bonita! Tomorrow Denver's amazing Mexican village in a shopping center, a Colorado landmark celebrated on South Park, will mark its fortieth birthday. In honor of that august occasion, yesterday Bree Davies served up plenty of puke-filled memories and secrets of this beloved spot, and readers offered many more...

See also: Happy 40th birthday, Casa Bonita -- we love you so much we could puke!

Says Barry:

We did ask for the "vegetarian" option. No veggies, though. Just tortillas swimming in Velveeta and a giant scoop of rice. Oh and, two months later, we're still digesting it. I guess that qualifies as the meal that keeps on giving.

Says Kym:
Great, I'm older than Casa Bonita. At least I'm a better cook.

Concludes Matt:
You're not a true Coloradan till you've gotten good poisoning there at least once.
Have you been to Casa Bonita? Have you gone back?

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Casa Bonita

6715 W. Colfax, Lakewood, CO

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