D Bar is closing its original location and relocating to bigger quarters

Lori Midson

Keegan Gerhard and Lisa Bailey, the married couple who own D Bar, the diminutive storefront in Uptown that's renowned for both its desserts and savory dishes, is closing its original shop and relocating to what the couple describes as a "new location [that] will stay true to the core of D Bar but promises to offer longtime changes that we all look forward to: more seating, reservations, large-party accommodations and so much more."

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The announcement, which was distributed via e-mail yesterday, warns guests that the last day of service in its current location is Saturday March 22. "Be sure to visit us that one last time, two times, or twenty times before the big move," advises the e-mail, which doesn't reveal the new location. Instead, it issues this tease: "Stay tuned to our website and all social media for the soon to be revealed new location, pictures of progress and reopening date."

An employee who answered the phone earlier today at D Bar did note, however, that the new location was near the current address, and in the same zip code.

By the way, if you've ordered a cake from D Bar, Bailey and Gerhard will offer free delivery service during the relocation transition. Gift cards, too, will be honored at the new store if you can't make it in before March 22.

Location Info

D Bar Desserts - CLOSED

1475 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

That's the best news I've heard all day.  Loved D Bar on the few occasions we've actually been able to get in.  Had finally just given up because it's usually such a scene.  So happy that we'll have access to Keegan's great treats in a more "user friendly" environment.  Right on!

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