Reader: Don't appreciate Denver's dining scene? Don't let the door hit you on your way out!

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Jen Jasinski's Rioja rates with USA Today.
Last week USA Today served up Denver's top ten foodie picks, including Jen Jasinski's Rioja, but one former Chicagoan wasn't impressed by anything on the list -- or by Denver's food scene in general.

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Responds David:

Can we stop comparing Denver dining to the rest of the country like it's some sort of competition? These conversations are petty and useless, much like anyone moving here and complaining that "Denver's ______ isn't as good as where I come from." Frankly, I don't want Denver's restaurant landscape to look just like Chicago's or New York's, or wherever... Our dining scene is and should be unique to our town's culture. There exists a rare comradery among chefs in Denver that is born out of our small-town feel and a desire to see the culinary bar continue to rise as a whole rather than on an individual level. There is pride for our farming community, for our craft brewers, for our fantastic regional ingredients. Denver doesn't need to try to mirror larger city's identities, it has its own. But, please, if you're hell-bent on making sure everyone knows Denver doesn't stack up to your home town, then do everyone a favor and move back, and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
How do you feel about Denver's dining scene? What do you take pride in here? Post your thoughts below.

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I love Denver.  Been living here for years.  But people around here sure have a thin skin when it comes to criticism of the food scene.  And I think this attitude, at least in part, contributes to the city's continued lackluster culinary culture.

Maybe it's time to admit most of the eateries in Denver, when compared to other large cities (e.g., Chicago), just aren't that good.  And then maybe--just maybe--we will begin to vote with our wallets, market forces will work their magic, and we'll find ourselves with Indian, Thai, and Middle Eastern restaurants on par with...Omaha.

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