Former Future Brewing reopens today for the weekend

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The brand new Former Future Brewing, which had to close for two weeks in order to restock its beer supply, reopened today -- and will stay open all weekend.

Located on South Broadway's Antique Row, the brewery, which has a four-barrel system, ran out of beer after just a few weeks in business due to its popularity. The situation didn't make co-owner James Howat too happy. "It sucks," he told Westword at the time. "People tell us that it's a good problem to have. But it's not. It really sucks."

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In the interim, Former Future has stocked up, although it still has only limited amounts of its Oatmeal Saison and Barrel Fermented/Barrel Aged Strong Ale, along with its Session Black IPA and Lemon Wheat, according to a Facebook post.

The good news, however, is that Former Future is expanding its hours -- previously just Friday and Saturday -- to Sunday, at least this weekend. (It opens at noon on both weekend days; the folks from Maria Empanada, soon to open down the street, will be on hand on Saturday.)

Former Future isn't the first small Denver craft brewery that had to limit its hours in the beginning because of a beer shortage. TRVE Brewing, Black Shirt and Our Mutual Friend all suffered hiccups in the early stages.

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Former Future Brewing

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Another brewery pumping out beer before its ready, guess hipsters cant tell anyway. That'll be $6 a pint


@tyler7099  Follows the trend of not knowing how popular a brewery opening can (no not can, WILL) be in this town. Lesson learned, again, I guess.

I certainly don't mind $6 a pint for a quality beer but there are places in this town (NOT saying FF is one of them, haven't had anything from them yet since I can't) that are charging pro prices for amateur quality.

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