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Lori Midson
A big, bad Denver burger -- not at Luca D'Italia.
Is it time for the "fancy burger trend to call it quits"? That's what Eric Cimino, chef at Luca d'Italia, suggests in this week's Chef and Tell interview. And nothing gets the meaty juices flowing like a big burger battle. "Not if it's delicious!" says Phillip. "I'm over it," says Richard. "I don't enjoy paying 12 bucks for a burger. No matter if it is the best non-homemade burger I've ever had," says Aksel. "A burger is a burger is a burger," concludes Linda. But the debate doesn't end there.

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Eric Cimino, chef of Luca: "The fancy burger trend should call it quits."

Says James:

The chef worship trend should call it quits. It's just cooking.
Says Richard:
I said that about printed newspapers once.
What else should call it quits? Post your suggestions below, and watch for the second half of Cimino's interview here later this morning.

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I don't trust expensive burgers just like I don't trust expensive Mexican food.

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

Veering off on a bit of a tangent from what James says above - I think some of the chefs featured in "Chef and Tell" look like they're about to pass a stone in their photos. They should be captured in more fun, freewheeling moments, to show that they put their shoes on one at a time like the rest of us.

Admittedly some of them do try to mix it up a bit :)

ScubaSteve topcommenter


Have you noticed that chefs and cooks always stand with their arms crossed?  Sometimes I think that's all they do all day and night.

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

...And I know a couple of you are just dying to say it :D so let me be the first to add that I wouldn't look any more photogenic if I was interviewed either.

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