Gozo will have its grand opening on Friday, March 7

Lori Midson
Gozo's bar is almost ready to serve.
After months of renovation work and delays, Gozo quietly opened this past weekend for friends, family members and a few lucky neighbors -- and just as quietly closed again for a few last-minute touches before it reopens for good on Friday, March 7.

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Lori Midson
That's nine months after Frank Jolley, a longtime restaurateur and nightclub owner who most recently was working in the Napa Valley, took on the former homes of Dylan Moore's Delite and Deluxe on South Broadway, and turned them into one eighty-seat space.

Jolley has partnered with Dominic Valenti, a former manager of Hapa Sushi, on he project; chef Nick Petrilli and wine director Jenny Brost are in charge of the food and drink roster that's "marriage of an Italian wine bar and Spanish tapas," Jolleey says. It's "rustic, honest and simple, and indicative of the way we eat in Napa and certainly in the wine countries of Spain and Italy."

Here's more from Gozo:

Gozo, meaning 'joy', serves simple, rustic cuisine in the Historic Baker neighborhood of Denver. Its simple yet flavorful wood-fired menu choices rely on local ingredients to provide the freshest choices available. Inspired by food and drinks throughout Italy and Spain, Gozo follows an honest approach to cooking to inspire natural ingredients to shine through its culinary offerings. For more information or for reservations, contact info@gozodenver.com
But don't count on a table before Friday.

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30 South Broadway, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

It's a nice place. I was a bit disappointed when I noticed they had no Maltese food, but then it dawned on me that they didn't name it after *that* Gozo.

Anyway, once I got a grip I was very pleased :)

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