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Clay Carlton is on a roll. The Denver native who opened his first barbershop in Winter Park 38 years ago today is a master cigar-roller and proprietor not just of Palma Cigars but of Bar Las Palmas Wine Bar, the most unique shop in the Ballpark neighborhood, offering cigars, wine, haircuts and lots of character to the area.

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"I started as a young barber," Carlton says of that first shop in Winter Park, "and because I wanted it to be a men's shop, I started to sell premium cigars in it," Carlton recalls. After more than twenty years of offering his customers what everyone else was selling, he thought it was time to start selling his own cigars. But first, he had to learn how to make them. "I took a leave of absence from my stores -- at that time I had six through the mountains -- and I went to study in a factory under a Cuban master roller for about over a year," Carlton says.

After he returned to Colorado, he opened Palma Cigars in 2006 in a corner of the space where it is today. The shop has expanded over the years and also changed its look; the colorful chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings as well as the barber chair and wine bar that now give the cigar store a nineteenth-century-chic atmosphere were not in Carlton's original plan. Today, the shop has the bygone feel of a spot where sophisticated, older men could enjoy a nice cigar or a glass of wine. "Life is a puzzle, and you accommodate the pieces as needed," Carlton says.

The shop has a walk-in humidor filled with hard-to-find, reasonably priced cigars with tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. There is also a wine bar -- offering wines only from Colorado, with a nice variety of red blends, white options and dessert wines. And there's now just one barber chair, which Carlton recently relocated to the back of the shop so that he could add a coffee lounge up front and make the place more appealing to female visitors. "With the barber chairs up front, the first thing they think is, 'That's a barbershop, not a wine bar. I'm not going in there for some wine,'" Carlton explains.

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Palma Cigars

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