Reader: Pizzeria Locale in West Highland? Now, that's gentrification!

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Danielle Lirette
Coming soon to Highland: Pizzeria Locale's margherita pizza.
After almost twenty years, Common Grounds left its original home on West 32nd Avenue last April and reopened in Sunnyside. This week, we learned what will take over that empty space: a second location of Pizzeria Locale, the fast-casual concept that opened its first Denver outpost at 550 Broadway last May, and got raves from Gretchen Kurtz. Will it work in West Highland, too?

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Pizzeria Locale will open its second Denver location in West Highland

Says Robert:

Great, a pizza place opening across the street from a pizza place, just down the street from a pizza place. Now THAT'S gentrification!
But at least it's not another taco joint....Says Jon:
Too bad, that location would have been perfect for another gringo Mexican restaurant!
Or another coffeehouse....Says Snafunk:
Killer. Way better than the Ink that was originally going to take over the space.
What do you think about Pizzeria Locale going into this busy block in Highland?

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Pizzeria Locale

3484 West 32nd Avenue, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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I don't like things. This makes me angry.


As sensitive as I am to the downside of gentrification, is that poster saying that Common Grounds, home of latte-drinking eight-year-olds and jobless twenty-somethings who have time and trust funds to sit in coffee shops on weekdays for hours on end, was a beacon of diversity and grit?


@bondadprevalece What exactly is the greatest downside of gentrification? Better schools? Nicer neighborhoods? Lower crime?  Finer restaurants? Lack of street gangs and violence? 

If only we can bring back the crime, muggings and poverty that used to make the Highlands so great 30 years ago.

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