Reader: Gretchen Kurtz's stuffed-dough list needs to get stuffed

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Agnolotti at DiFranco's.
While the buffalo empanadellas at Bocadillo needed more pop in both the filling and the sauce, the special got Gretchen Kurtz thinking about other stuffed dough dishes she's loved in Denver. On Wednesday, she served up five of her favorites, including the agnolotti at DiFranco's.

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Says Kiko:

Stuffed sopapilla @Santiago's? Chile relleno burrito @Taco de Mexico? Cannoli's @Lechuga's? I challenge the validity of this list: you can do better than this...
Did we miss some of the best stuffed-dough dishes in Denver? List your favorites in the comments section below.

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TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

One place to get a range of delicious stuffed things is David's Kebab House at Leetsdale/Oneida. The owners, who are from Tajikistan, in fact have offerings from all over the former Soviet Union.

In this particular category, some of my favorites there are the Georgian cheese pastries called Khachapuri, the Tatar meat pies known as Çiberek, and, a bit closer to home, the Central Asian lamb-and-onion delights that go by the name Samsa.

They also stuff veggies, although I know that's not as exciting as dough :)

Years ago, there was a sports bar near the Denver/Aurora border whose owners were from Mongolia. One of the dishes they offered (Banshtai-Tsai) featured the most delicious mutton dumplings cooked in salted butter tea. 

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