4G's Mexican Restaurant moving into 2200 South Broadway

Lori Midson
The 4G's Mexican Restaurant on Colorado Boulevard will get a sibling on South Broadway.
The space at 2200 South Broadway that was recently vacated by Zocalo already has a new tenant, and one with a long history in Denver: 4G's Mexican Restaurant. And after several recent failures in this spot (including El Olvido, Hades and South Broadway Grill, as well as Zocalo), 4G's should have the experience to weather the storm -- and any more Broadway construction projects.

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Hades went to hell fast at 2200 South Broadway.
"A couple of tenants couldn't get off the ground because of the construction," says landlord Jon Cook, who adds that he's been talking to 4G's for a few years.

4G's is a homegrown chain that's had restaurants in metro Denver since 1973, and is known for its lunch buffets -- which Cook predicts will be a big hit on South Broadway.

Cook has numerous other projects up and down Broadway, including the Broadway Plaza motel at 11th and Broadway that he's converted to offices. Five years ago, he also bought Gennaro's, which has been a landmark at 2598 South Broadway since 1951; he's kept the restaurant the way the family ran it for decades, and says that the Gennaro's name will remain on the building, no matter what happens on Broadway.

And plenty is going to happen. "Broadway is going to get nothing but better," Cook says.

Especially when 4G's starts serving its big margaritas there. The family is already working on the space, and should open at 2200 South Broadway in the next few weeks.

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Glad to hear Zoccalo is gone, they ran that location with maximum neglect. I think their main efforts had nothing to do with the food and everything to do with loading their YELP reviews.

Four G's is run-of-the-mill gringo Mex with somewhat bland green chile. Who knows if they'll be able to give the criminally mediocre El Tejado a run. Adelitas seems to be doing well, even though their offerings are uneven, the room is weird, and it's difficult to get server's attention when you want another drink from the bar.

South Broadway is long stretch with a few subpar Mexican joints. A shame really. I wish D'Corazon, Paxia or even Brewery Bar II would establish a presence.

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