Adelitas celebrates its first birthday with Taco Tuesday...and no vroom service

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Happy first birthday to Adelitas Cocina y Cantina! Brian Rossi's hot-spot on South Broadway will celebrate with $1 tacos all day today (a regular deal on Taco Tuesday), capped with a 9 p.m. El Mayor tequila toast and birthday cake. But the anniversary party will continue all week with $6 El Mayor as well as daily specials, including $5 chimichangas on April 30 and $2 tamales on May 1. And watch for a blowout Cinco de Mayo celebration on Monday, May 5, with mariachis from 6 to 8 p.m.

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Over the past year, Adelita's -- which took over the former home of Bistro One and then Three Monkeys -- has become a go-to place for people in the neighborhood, as well as people heading home down Broadway who stop in for a quick drink...and find themselves staying all night.

But the year has not been without growing pains. Last Thursday, Rossi introduced El Guapo, his new bar/patio out back. "We had that ONE guy who ruined it for all of us by revving his motor late at night," Rossi reports. The neighborhood was not thrilled by the motorcycle noise, and so El Guapo was put on hold.

"I want us to be a positive part of this community," Rossi says, "so I have decided to close until I can make right with the neighbors, and come to an agreement that will make all of us happy."

But in the meantime, there's a birthday to celebrate. Happy first, Adelitas. Here's to many more.

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Adelitas Cocina y Cantina

1294 S. Broadway St., Denver, CO

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Have people actually had good meals here?

Two tries and substandard fare sent us scurrying back across town to Paxia.

Adelitas -- besides having a sign you can't read from the street -- served us lukewarm queso dip that quickly congealed into a clump. It took so long for our drinks to come -- nobody was behind the bar and the dining room only had two other diners -- we only had one round. Then our entrees arrived and the tamales were cold in the middle and hard on the ends, the tacos were okay but not memorable. The next time our shrimp and crema had zero flavor, the carne asada was tough and the plate was lukewarm.

I only wish their new neighbor Maria Empanada had a license to sell beer, they're the only reason to hit this intersection. Adelitas and Pasquinis have been consistently disappointing.

One more thing: Is Adelitas still using those nasty canvas menus? Get something that can be wiped or thrown out on a regular basis. Those things are little more than fancy dish rags that never get cleaned.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

I don't go to these celebrations because they're too crowded which somehow causes letdowns and disappointments.


Did "brian.rossi75" take his petty reply and run away?

If he's the kind of regular Adelita's attracts, good thing I've stayed away.

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