Benny's raises beer and marg prices, blames lime shortage

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The dreaded lime shortage is hitting home -- and restaurateurs are starting to put the squeeze on customers. Not only are bartenders slicing limes thinner and thinner, but some spots are raising prices for anything that calls for the in-short-supply citrus. Benny's Restaurante y Cantina, for example, has just added 25 cents to the cost of single margaritas and all imported beers, and a buck to the cost of a margarita.

Are we going to be nickel-and-limed to death before this shortage ends?

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Benny's Restaurante y Cantina

301 E. 7th Ave., Denver, CO

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The lime shortage is a reality and whenever this happens I always count my blessings that we are not a Mexican restaurant. Limes went from around $25/case to $100/case over the last month. They have started to come down but are still going for about $60/case.

This means every lime at restaurant bulk prices went from around 15 cents each to 60 cents each. For the restaurants that are truly only adding a slice of lime to drinks this sucks but is tenable. For any restaurant squeezing juice this is a huge increase that seriously cuts into their ability to cover costs. 

Will never understand people who think changes in cost of goods, labor, etc shouldn't be reflected in menu price. That is a restaurants only source of income after all.

If you think restaurants don't run on ridiculously thin margins at best, I would refer you to Cafe Society's list of monthly restaurant closures.


Strange... I just bought 3/$1.00 at the store last night.  


Yet I went to a local Vietnamese restaurant for lunch last week and my plate had the usual four lime wedges for no extra charge.  Sorry, but this BS shortage is all about supplier wars and having an excuse to gauge your customers.

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

That means their top shelf margarita, which is not that big to begin with, and the only fresh lime used is the garnish is $7.75.  Good deal - ah - NO.  Also, just spoke to friends in Mexico and the lime crisis is over - $10 pesos a kilo (that's less than 50 cents a pound).  Suppose that Benny is going to lower his margarita/beer prices?  Don't hold your breath.


Benny's sucks anyway; if you eat there you get what you deserve (stomach pain and/or diarreha usually)

davebarnes topcommenter


If you decline the "extra thin lime slice", do you get it for 25¢ less?

Not a Benny's fan and now a hater.

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

@psdo991  I totally understand and sympathize with restaurants needing to pass increases in their costs along - just common sense business.  What I don't get is that when temporary cost spikes subside and the cost returns to "normal" levels restaurants NEVER reduce prices to reflect that change.  If you just want to raise your prices - own it - don't point the finger at a temporary commodity price fluctuation when you have no intention in returning to your old prices when your costs go back down.

Mantonat topcommenter

@davebarnes  Great! Now you'll have an extra 25 cents to get a lick-on tattoo or miniature luchador from the gumball machine at Torres.

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