Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenberg opening Blackbelly Market in Boulder

The restaurant, says Rosenberg, will have an open kitchen with counter seating, along with a glass-and-steel charcuterie cabinet on display in the dining room. And his menu, he adds, promises to be an "ever-changing, seasonal, farm-to-table roster that will revolve around whatever produce we're pulling from the earth that day and meats that were cutting on any particular day." Rosenberg, who notes that's he's currently planting spring produce in his greenhouse, says, too, that while he'll have a core menu, he'll also serve quite a few specials. "We'll definitely do a kick-ass burger, fresh pastas and other contemporary American dishes that are rooted in seasonality, and we'll do chalkboard specials every day, as well," he says.

The beverage program, which will focus mainly on local beers -- specifically beers that are brewed nearby -- will initially benefit from the knowledge of James Lee, owner of the Bitter Bar and a former partner in Blackbelly Catering. "James is helping me consult on the bar program, and along with a few amazing signature cocktails, we're really going to try to tap into, no pun intended, the beers that are neighbors are brewing," says Rosenberg, who also notes that Lee will consult on the mixology program.

And in return for Lee's expertise, Rosenberg is consulting on the Bitter Bar menu, and he's also using the Bitter Bar kitchen as a recipe test kitchen while he waits for Blackbelly Market to open.

Rosenberg and his staff have done some of the demolition themselves, which, he says, has been therapeutic. "We ripped some dividers down, and we've done a few other construction-demo things, and it's been really fun and cathartic beating up this old restaurant and making it our own," admits Rosenberg.

And even though he's knee-deep in building a new restaurant, Rosenberg is continuing to expand his catering business, and within the next few weeks, he'll also roll out a Blackbelly food truck, which be bought two years ago from the late Jeff Parr, who unexpectedly passed away late last December. Rosenberg is currently getting the truck wrapped, and while it may hit the pavement as early as next week, it'll definitely be parked at Upslope on May 17, when the brewery hosts its music festival. And for as long as the truck rolls, a portion of the proceeds from the truck's food sales (think grilled cheese with pork belly and apples and tater tots smothered in green chile) will be donated to a college fund for Parr's children.

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Blackbelly Market

1606 Conestoga Street, Boulder, CO

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Interesting to note that Blackbelly, although not yet open, does have a food trailer out in the parking lot toward Conestoga,  serving breakfast on weekdays.   I got a breakfast sandwich there last week and there was even something I,  a vegetarian, could enjoy.  

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 "with the help of Bitter Bar owner James Less [sic]"

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