A Taste of Haiti replaces Coleman's Soul Food

For close to four decades, this modest storefront on Welton Street was home to Ethel's House of Soul. Then six years ago, after Ethel closed up shop, Henry Coleman took over the spot, opening Coleman's Soul Food and serving a taste of Detroit. But Coleman is now back in Detroit, and late last month A Taste of Haiti opened in the spot.

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The place looks much the same, with a row of stools against the counter where Ethel once ruled, and a handful of neat tables; A Taste of Haiti even offers soul food on its whiteboard menu, as well as barbecue.

But there are more exotic items offered here, too: not just a taste of Haiti but of all the Caribbean, including a fried goat.

A Taste of Haiti serves until 10 p.m. tonight, if you'd like to get your goat...

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A Taste of Haiti

2622 Welton, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Mitchy McNonya
Mitchy McNonya

great service and the employees are super friendly

Karen Ashmore
Karen Ashmore

The roasted goat is excellent! My daughters are Haitian and they love the comfort foods of rice and beans and fried plantains. So glad Denver finally got an authentic Haitian restaurant! They still serve soul food too.

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

Yes, they have a lot of options on their menu and are planning to add even more in the coming weeks.

Items they are currently working on include the creamy pumpkin soup called Soupe Joumou, and the sweetened cornmeal-based drink known as AK100 or Akassan - kind of the Haitian equivalent to Mexican atole.

So everyone stop by and try them out.

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