Reader: Denver just isn't a really big pizza city

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Lori Midson
Pizza at Virgilio's, our Best Thin-Crust Pizza in the Best of Denver 2014.
"Want to provoke a fight? Just start a discussion of where to find the best pizza in town." That was the intro to yesterday's list of the twelve best pizzas in Denver, and the fight got off to a fast start, with readers serving up many other favorites: Proto's. Pizza Alley. Pizza Republica. Big Bill's NY Pizza. The Oven. King Soopers?

But even with all those suggestions, one commenter isn't satisfied with Denver's offerings:

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Says Ed:

It's hard to find really good East Coast or even Midwest pizzas here. Most of them are honestly pretty good, but only a handful can claim to be REALLY good pizza. Denver just isn't a really big pizza city, otherwise I think we'd see more offerings in different styles.
Denver not a big pizza city? Tell that to the dozens of people who've posted their own suggestions of the best pizzas in the metro areas. We never sausage an outpouring!

What do you consider the top pizza in Denver? The most overrated?

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Virgilio's Pizzeria and Wine Bar

10025 W. San Juan Way, Littleton, CO

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Jets pizza in Littleton. Boom! Those from the mitten will understand


how about a discussion on how we have no good mexican food here in Denver ???


Does the pizza have quality ingredients? Does it taste good? That's all that matters to me. People get so hung up on what's "real" or "East Coast" that they don't even consider the two most basic questions of what makes something good.

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