Blue Moon's Sandlot brewery at Coors Field has two new beers on tap for Opening Day

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April brings new hope every year to the Colorado Rockies -- and new beers to the Blue Moon Brewing Company at the Sandlot, the in-stadium brewery owned by Coors.

This year, the Sandlot has two new beers lined up for Opening Day at Coors Field, which is Friday, April 4, against the Arizona Diamonbacks. They are Batters I-PA, a pale ale made with Mandarina Bavaria, a hop variety not used very often in the United States, and Willis Brau, a 5.5 percent ABV black lager.

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Batters I-PA was brewed in honor of the team's 21st anniversary, says Sandlot brewer Tom Hail, based on the success of a 20th anniversary beer that the Sandlot made last year. "Last year's was an amber. This one is a little more bitter, like a Sierra Nevada."

The Sandlot will also be tapping Llano Lager, a 6 percent ABV Helles-style beer that it has made before, along with Pine in the Neck, Tongue Thaied, Belgian White, Rounder and Farmhouse Red, all of which were brewed on site.

The brewery underwent a facelift before the season last year, adding beetle-kill wood on the bar and around the seating area, as well as Blue Moon murals. The Sandlot also stayed open for certain hours during non-game days and continued to be open over the window as a tasting room -- something it hadn't done in more than a decade.

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But will they have bartenders who are familiar with the beer? It seems like all the bartenders are Aramark employees who happen to be serving crafted beer instead of popcorn that game.

I love that the brewery is there and getting a pint is always part of my Coors Field traditions, but it always leaves me wishing it was a little more like craft brewery, a little less like a ballpark concession.


@kylefree  Couldn't agree more. Those guys couldn't have cared less about what they were pouring. I overheard a convo in September where the guy pouring seemed to have no idea what he was talking about when a lady asked him what everything on tap was.

Also Rounder is fucking terrible. The 20th Anny wasn't half bad though.

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