Reader: Casa Bonita beats standing in line on Colfax for an overhyped doughnut

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Kate Levy
No fooling: Casa Bonita is the restaurant that Coloradans love to hate. The manufactured Mexican village on East Colfax just celebrated its fortieth birthday, and fans and foes alike marked the occasion by spilling out memories of great times and bad food. But even Casa Bonita's kitchen has its supporters...

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Says Ogghandi:

It's really not "that" bad. It may be a little tacky but the food is better than the journalism at Westword :) and it beats standing in line for over an hour on Colfax just to get an over-hyped Dunkin' Donut smothered in cereal and served by some hipster douche bag.
What's the most over-hyped place in Denver? Would you rather wait in line on Colfax at Voodoo Doughnut or Casa Bonita?

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Casa Bonita

6715 W. Colfax, Lakewood, CO

Category: Restaurant

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ScubaSteve topcommenter

I avoid both Voodoo doughnuts AND Casa Bonita.  The overhyped places are the ones Gretchen Kurtz and the other Westword writers write about.

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