Reader: Viva Burrito is good drunk food when there is no shame left to be had...

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New stop, Adams County?
More than fifteen months after he started eating his way up Federal Boulevard, Mark Antonation finally reached the end of the line -- the border between Denver and Adams County. In this week's A Federal Case, he writes about his final stop, a visit to both Rico Pollo and Viva Burrito, and judging from some reader comments, he's lucky to have survived. The end, indeed.

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Mysteriously pale fries at Viva Burrito.
Among the less graphic comments is this from bondad_prevalece:
Viva Burrito is good drunk food for when there is no shame left to be had at the end of the night as you scarf down a greasy chimichanga and refried beans before passing out on the floor. I totally don't speak from experience.
Next week, Mark Antonation will wrap up his experience along Federal Boulevard. And in the meantime, he's thinking about his next culinary adventure. Readers have suggestions for that, too: Edgewater, Colfax...

What segment of the Denver dining scene needs further exploration? Post your thoughts below, and read other suggestions here.

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Viva Burrito Company

5165 Federal Blvd., Arvada, CO

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