First look: Inga's Alpine Lounge opens on Leetsdale

All photos by Lori Midson.
Inga's Alpine Lounge, says owner Leigh Jones, "is our '60s and '70s version of a swinging kind of apres ski lounge, an over-the-top place where, if it were a lodge on a ski mountain, would have a fur bikini-clad female villain or vixen of the moment on the slopes skiing away from James Bond."

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Inga's, which opened to the public on Friday, definitely feels like an alpine hideaway, and Inga -- that fictionally named, hourglass-figured snow bunny in a fur bikini -- even has her own mural, a black-and-white portrait that spreads across the wall on the sprawling patio, the entrance of which is through a pair of swinging cherry-red doors, red being the primary color that permeates the interior, a kitschy mix of rustic simplicity and retro elegance.

The curved, biscuit-hued booths were procured from the now-closed Morton's of Chicago in the Tech Center; the battle-scared hardwood floors look like they've been deliberately dented with the stomp of ski boots; tufted, brass-studded bar stools that swivel are proper perches for both vixens and villains; a dated jukebox blasts tunes that span generations (think Tom Jones to Vampire Weekend); an electric fireplace, the color of orange flames, hankers back to the Dick Van Dyke era; a separate lounge area is scattered with Mid-Century modern furnishings salvaged from used furniture stores; vividly painted metal blooms mimicking an alpine flower garden, the pieces of which were created by local metal-worker Sean Doherty, adorn both the interior and exterior; a huge caribou head -- his name is Blitzen -- is mounted over the entrance between the lounge and the bar; and there's a pool table, too.

But the biggest conversation piece is "Rendezvous Summit," a crescent-shaped hideaway booth, tucked into a corner on an elevated platform behind the bar. It's all but impossible to see from any vantage point in the dining area, and just like a gondola, when you have it all yourself, it's conducive to innocent indoor foreplay, like playing footsie. It's available, too, for private parties, playing board games (of which there are many), or just getting away from the crowds.

The bar, which seats 25, overlooks twelve tap handles, including a Breckenridge/Wynkoop custom-brewed beer called Inga's Fur Bikini lager -- yes, Inga has her own tap. Four-to-six additional taps will phase in during the next couple of months, all of which will be devoted to "smaller breweries and specialty beers," says Jones. And the bar encourages some risk-taking, too, in the form of a $2 mystery shot, the flavor of which is determined by how you roll the dice. "You toss the dice and whatever number it lands on refers to a bottle wrapped in a paper bag -- a bottle of Jameson, or maybe the newest flavor of violet-blue vodka, and that's the shot you get," explains Jones. The menu, which will be finalized on Saturday, the day of Inga's grand opening, will parade pizzas, salads and subs, says Jones, adding that the kitchen will also dish out the amazing fries she serves at Jonesy's EatBar.

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Inga's Alpine Lounge

5151 Leetsdale Drive, Denver, CO

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How many different joints can one location host before it is a "lost cause?"


Yuck......Judging from the photos, it looks less than an alpine ski lodge from 60's and more like the interior of the Mod Living store. None of the furniture looks comfortable esp. that shit on the patio. No thanks

ScubaSteve topcommenter

I think I'll pass all together.  I'm too old to go to these "wannabe" places. The concept reminds me of Polly Esther's because the only people who went there were people who were too young to have lived through that era.  That's why the company went out of business.


I will have a fondu party there some day.

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