Reader: "Gourmet" burgers are overpriced disappointments

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Lori Midson
Matt Stein at Bruxie: no waffling over burgers.
Matt Stein specializes in gourmet waffle sandwiches at Bruxie, but he's obsessed with cheeseburgers. "My ongoing discussion obsession with my partners about who makes the best burger was charming four years ago," he says in this week's Chef and Tell. "But who knew that it could go on as long as it has, and that so many quality burger joints would continue to open, and that each new spot would require repeat visits? Basically, each new place that opens up adds four pounds to my weight. If no more burger places open this year, I'd be grateful."

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But how about the rest of Denver's diners? Says Clint:

Homemade burgers over an open flame are the best. Keep it simple and use only quality ingredients. Most "gourmet" burgers are overpriced disappointments. Hard to improve the basic burger.
Are gourmet burgers overdone? What's your favorite burger in Denver?

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Bruxie - CLOSED

1000 S. Colorado Boulevard, Glendale, CO

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I noticed Tag Burger Bar is opening another location across the street from Chubby's on 38th.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

There's nothing better than a burger made right at home.

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