Guess where I'm eating spaetzle with cheese, aka awesome drunk food?

Lori Midson

I believe I've found the best dish in Denver to eat when you're three sheets to the wind, namely this restaurant's butter-soaked, crisp-edged, pan-fried spaetzle sheeted with cheese that mimics Whiz.

Can you guess where I'm eating?

Special bonus: Anyone who gives the first correct answer to a Guess Where post -- on the Cafe Society blog, not on Facebook -- is entered into the contest pool, and every Monday, we select one lucky winner who'll receive a 2014 EatDenver dining deck, worth up to $520 in discounts at independent restaurants.

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I've never even had it there nor have I seen it on their menu but I knew it had to be Euclid Hall

Sean Jones
Sean Jones

Scattered smothered covered and chunked the awful waffle !

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

Euclid Hall has never held any interest for me but if this dish is from there I may have to re-think that.  I wouldn't even have to be drunk.


It ain't Inga's, but they'd be smart to copy it


Totally Euclid Hall. And totally tasty! One of my favorites there.

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