Gypsy Cafe/Hummus Bar has pulled out of a former garage downtown

When the Gypsy Cafe & Parlor popped up in an old garage downtown last summer, the idea was odd, but interesting. Owner Ray Derani -- whose twin sisters own Capitol Hill's Gypsy House Cafe, and whose mother was doing the cooking at both places -- had planned to offer a traditional Mediterranean menu, including a full hummus bar, gyros and falafel; he also had hopes of adding a hooka bar, as well as a patio area with slurpee and soda machines, and regular music offerings.

But now he's taken the property in another direction.

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The Gypsy Cafe/Hummus Bar last summer.
Today the Gypsy Cafe is gone altogether, and the building now boasts a carwash and auto-detailing service. Which makes sense, because there were always more vehicles for Derani's limo service in the parking lot than there were cars owned by cafe customers.

Although a sign on the wall promises coffee, wifi and $1 hot dogs, the place was locked up tight at lunchtime last Friday. We'll check it out again during the next home Rockies game.

Location Info

Gypsy Cafe & Parlor - CLOSED

838 Park Ave. W, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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