Attivo Pizza & Subs moves out of the Beauvallon

Has the Beauvallon curse hit again? Attivo Pizza & Subs, a popular spot that was home of the "Pancho Villo Sub," moved across and up Lincoln Street almost two years ago, to a spot in the swanky Beauvallon. And the owners announced plans to turn the original Arrivo space into a Mexican joint, Attivo Libre. But now the Attivo location in the Beauvallon is closed and covered with paper; one is a notice that Attivo is back in its first location at 124 East Ninth Avenue.

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Attivo Pizza & Subs moves into the Beauvallon

The other papers are notices of delinquent taxes and seizures, which would indicate that business wasn't good enough to keep Attivo running in the Beauvallon -- much less renovate and reopen the original spot as a Mexican restaurant, as promised in the sign below, which was on the door last year.


Location Info

Attivo Pizza & Subs - CLOSED

955 Lincoln St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Attivo Libre

124 E. 9th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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joey murdah
joey murdah

attivo has some awesome sandwiches. glad they aren't gone...


Please continue to support Ativo! One of the nicest owners we have come across with a big heart! Keep your chin up Ativo!


The other location is open. Seems odd?

davebarnes topcommenter

"Has the Beauvallon curse hit again"


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