First look: Jamaican Grill opens on the fringe of the Santa Fe Arts District

All photos by Lori Midson.

Denver lays claim to a lot of different cuisines, but the foods of the Caribbean, namely Jamaican, are woefully few and far between. But last week, in Lincoln Park, just on the fringe of the Santa Fe Arts District, a small storefront called Jamaican Grill opened on Eighth Avenue in a former weed dispensary. And while at least one woman who walked in while was there could have could have possibly been stoned, the space is now enchantingly permeated with the exotic spices that rub the jerk chicken, the sweet scent of caramelized plantains and the perfume of rum-spiked cocktails. The color-washed walls are devoted to Bob Marley memorabilia; a stunning, hand-painted mural of reggae musicians, including Queen Ifrica, surface nearly the entirety of one of those walls; and the chairs and tables are tinged a bright lime green. Reggae tunes pulsate from the speakers, and the back bar is as good a place as any to imagine yourself on an island with a parrot on your shoulder and hurricane in your hand. Jamaican Grill, which is family owned, is open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner; happy hour goes from 5 to 8 p.m. daily.

Here's a first look at the quarters, the menu and the food.

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Jamaican Grill

709 West 8th Avenue, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Ashten Edwards
Ashten Edwards

Oh yea!!!! You know equilla already told me. . currrrryyyyy chiccckkkkeeennn mmmmmm lmao

Mike Van Trabert
Mike Van Trabert

this sounds incredible and we must make a visit. years ago, we had a little joint in the highlands called 8 Rivers that served some fantastic jamaican food, but i think they went under, which is extraordinarily sad :(

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

I really liked it when I went. The sorrel-ginger drink was especially zesty.

Christine Alling
Christine Alling

BobbyRay, I'm thinking you may need to expand your horizons a bit or be disappointed. ;-)

BobbyRay Galindo
BobbyRay Galindo

I hope they serve chinese food. All the chinese places by my house suck.

Isaac Trujillo
Isaac Trujillo

YES. YES. YES. I need oxtail and curried goat ASAP


8 Rivers in the Highlands relocated to Lodo and then after 5 years decided to close at the end their lease.

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