Lower48 Kitchen is the Best New Restaurant in Denver -- find out why tomorrow

Lori Midson
There's usually an element of suspense in a restaurant review. Is the food worth your money? Does the atmosphere add to the experience? Is this a place you should visit ASAP -- or avoid like the plague? But it's a foregone conclusion that my next review will be a rave: I'm writing about Lower48 Kitchen, launched this winter by two Frasca Food and Wine alums. And the restaurant was just named Best New Restaurant in the Best of Denver 2014.

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Lower48 Kitchen is Denver's Best New Restaurant

But as anyone knows who's ever flipped to the last page of a book to read the ending first, or begged to hear how a scary movie ends while watching someone get chased by a knife/car/zombie, the devil is in the details.

So in this week's review, which will be posted on Cafe Society early tomorrow, you'll get a sense of the details that make Lower48 Kitchen so memorable -- and so deserving of one of the Best of Denver's top honors.

Location Info

Lower48 Kitchen

2020 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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