Reader: I don't believe that Highlands Ranch residents will flock to eat healthy at LYFE

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LYFE Kitchen
LYFE Kitchen -- the acronym stands for "Love Your Food Everyday" -- is a national chain that opened its first store last year in Chicago, but plans to add 250 locations across the country over the next five years. One of them will be in Park Meadows Mall, where a LYFE Kitchen is taking over the space vacated by California Cafe.

Nothing on the LYFE menu is more than 600 calories, and the dishes feature 100 percent grass-fed-and-finished beef and sustainably caught fish, as well as fresh herbs. But will residents of the southern 'burbs love LYFE?

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Says DenverDoughboy:

Somehow I don't believe that eating healthy is one of those things that people in Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree are known for flocking to. More like Olive Garden and Buffalo Wild Wings. Just sayin'. Anyway, I'm the only one who's eaten there so I can tell you that they are not a farm-to-table grass fed beef kind of place; they are actually a high-end Weight Watchers restaurant with portion control and calories calculated down to the serving size. Maybe a fatty will take to it, but in my opinion True Foods is the better, tastier approach to eating healthy.
Will LYFE Kitchen find a life in the southern suburbs? What are the best places for healthy eating in metro Denver? Post your thoughts below.

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LYFE Kitchen

8505 Park Meadows Center Drive, Denver, CO

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In answer to DenverDoughboy - Do you live in HR?  Because I do and the reason that people down here "flock" to chains is because with the storefront rents what they are out here that is about all there is.  We do have other close places such as Wooden Table, a French place, and a few others that are not chains and they are always packed. Just saying...


True foods is some overpriced yuppie bullshit 


Yes, because we Denverites are well-known for our healthy eating with our beer, burgers, and burritos on every corner. Those awful suburbanites and their wings!

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